Although fall has already technically started, I am not quite ready to pull out my over-the-knee boots & wool coats. I mean, it still feels like 80 degrees outside! (gotta love California). Therefore, I am bringing you an outfit that is easy to transition into fall.

Wide-leg trouser pants were super popular back in the ’60s and ’70s but they are back and they are here to stay! The great aspect about today’s fashion is that it has no rules. No one trend is better than the next. You have the freedom to choose which decade you want to fashion or even mix and match various trends to complete your look. After all, its all about expressing ourselves right?

The moment I saw these satin wide leg trousers by Shop Priceless I fell in love with them 100%. The emerald color is absolutely gorgeous! High waisted, lightweight, with vertical stripes and side pockets; an absolute beauty! They may actually be my favorite item of clothing right now, they are just so gorgeous and fit so well.

When styling any wide leg trouser pants is important to keep in mind a balance. The legs of these pants are so full that pairing it with a fitted or tucked in top is the way to go. Any of these choices will help you show off your waist and help balance your figure. So without any hesitation I chose to pair these bottoms with this black mesh fitted camisole (also by Shop Priceless), added platform heels and incorporated a pop of color with this statement shoulder handbag. A simple look but absolutely stunning. Did I say I truly love these pants?!


Next time you find yourself reaching for a pair of skinny jeans, just stop and make a statement with these flowy, wide-legged emerald trousers. I promise you will love them as much as I do, I guarantee it. Direct link to trousers and mesh top below!

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Emerald Wide Leg Trousers

Black Mesh Top