Well, here it is. My first blog post is up! This is incredibly nerve-raking. Would you like it? Would you hate it? Seriously friends, there is a mixed bag of emotions in my little heart. However, the feeling of empowerment took over. I am swallowing my fears, I am doing this!

Moving on, fall weather hasn’t arrived in LA. (We seriously have been dragging summer on forever!).  In the last couple of days however, we had temperatures in the high 60s. It was the perfect time to pull out this stunning black and gold exotic jacket. I am literally a sucker for all black outfits so I paired this beauty with a comfortable pair of black slacks, a bodysuit top, some cute high heels and TA-DA! It is a very simple assemble really, but this bold jacket pulled everything together and the outfit became simple no more. The sleeves’ eye-catching embroidery details with that vibrant gold, dark browns and studs is fascinating! When it came to jewelry, I kept it very simple. I didn’t really need much more bling. The handbag; however, that baby needed to pop! So gold I went. It is the perfect outfit for a Friday night. Heck… Wear it whenever you want to!

Thanks for stopping by! See you all again very soon.

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Jacket: Dezzal

Shoes: (Similar)

Pants: H&M

Top: Windsor

Handbag: (Similar)

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