The sky darkens earlier. The air is cooler and crisper. You exchange your shorts for jeans and your tees for sweaters. It isn’t summer anymore. Gone are the days of lightweight pastel tops and dresses. When fall comes around, a girl’s wardrobe also needs to adapt and not just to stay warm, but to also look your best while doing it.

I have always associated corduroy material with crisp fall weather. Does this happen to you? Corduroy has withstood the test of time. I remember going through my moms old yearbook and seeing all the cute skirts and an old picture of my dad wearing a corduroy suit that made him look so distinguished. The fact is…corduroy dates back to the 18th century. The goal at the time was to create the perfect article of clothing that would dry quickly from the rain and provide warmth in the winter months. It gave you protection from the elements and was very comfortable and virtually maintenance free. In modern times you will find corduroy on pretty much every fall fashion runway in a variety of autumn shades and orange tones.

Today I am sharing with you how I styled these Comfort Skinny corduroy asymmetrical pants by Dear John Denim for fall. First of all, the cut of these pants is so soft and comfortable, they literately feel like butter. Their subtle wash features a vintage look while the orange tone stands out against the gloomy fall weather. I paired these beauties with this navy stripped button up top, a camel coat and nude heels for a more polished look. In reality, pairing this particular pair with anything camel, navy or black is perfect!

If your goal is to build a classic and timeless fall wardrobe, these Dear John Denim corduroy pants are an excellent addition. Paired with faux fur coats or pretty blouses, retro style has never looked so good. Try it out!

Until next time!


Pants: Dear John